About Me

Career //

I currently work as Finance Operations Manager at Adjust, a marketing analytics company in Berlin. In my role, I build solutions for a broad range of operational challenges.

Prior to Adjust, I helped build SPICED Academy from the ground-up into a successful education startup in Berlin. In my role as Director of Programs & Community, I helped create the vision, strategy & culture, hired the core team, established KPIs & operational processes and managed company partnerships.

Before Berlin, I lived and worked in the New York / New Jersey area as product & project manager in digital marketingeducation and healthcare, during which I built and delivered several transformative multi-million dollar products, working in cross-functional, global teams.

Education //

I have a Master’s in Marketing from City University of New York and a Bachelor’s in Information Systems from New York University.  I also have a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Arizona State University.

Side Projects //

Outside of work, I have a few side projects. I run a hands-on workshop to learn the most important life skill there is: Self Awareness. I offer a writing, editing & proofreading service for CV reviews and technical documentation. And I write about my home town Mangalore, a seaside town on the south west coast of India.

Interests //

I love going to festivals — food festivals, film festivals, music festivals, almost any kind of festival. I like going on long hikes, Camino de Santiago being one of my favorites. I enjoy reading, and (auto)biographies is one of my favorite genres. I like singing and making music with friends, especially folk music from around the world. I like spending time with the elderly to learn about stories from a bygone era. I love traveling anywhere that teaches me something new. Lisbon is one of my favorite cities in the world. And I enjoy sitting on the couch with my husband and watching re-runs of The Office (the U.S. one, because it’s just better).